Most successful people have coaches for clarity and accountability in their personal or professional life. You might work on one or the other or both areas, depending on what’s happening for you at the time.  You direct this.


The role of a coach is to provide you with tools for personal or professional development. Coaching guides you to a place where change can occur.  This can be actual change, or sometimes simply a change in perspective. Through listening, asking the right questions, and processing what comes up, we constructively move forward to your desired outcome. You are no longer operating in a vacuum. 

Through the coaching process, you are able to be more insightful and resourceful. When guided in a supportive way, you are the one most likely to have the best answers for yourself. Others’ solutions for you, while often helpful, are not always as personalized and effective as your own solutions, arrived at through creative collaboration with a skilled coach. 

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