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“I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with Beverly this year! She is one of the most genuine and compassionate people I’ve ever met and I am honored to be working with her. Her authentic coaching style has proven to be incredibly effective and after every session I feel even more motivated and inspired than the last. Not only does she have incredible experience that she’s able to bring to the table from her former career, but she also has a real innate ability to help me find the answers I’m seeking within myself”

— Alexa Darrow

“In my coaching sessions with Bev, I have been very happy with her ability to listen and quickly understand my situation. She employs a great balance of empathy, insights and recommendations that have helped me to move forward. She has been a great Coach for me!”

— Lou Ionis

“Working with Beverly has been a life-changing experience. She makes me feel heard and has a way of imbuing others with confidence. She helped me to embrace who I am and not sell myself short. She puts her heart into every session. During my time working with her, I was able to develop clarity around my business. She is an excellent coach for masterminding and brainstorming sessions. I was also given a safe space to examine and explore my emotions. If you’re looking for a champion, an advocate of your best self, look no further. Beverly is a shining beacon of love, guiding you towards a brighter, more aligned future. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be coached by her.”

—Amy M. Phillips

“I lost my wonderful job due to the pandemic, and this left me feeling stuck with no idea what to do next. A friend referred me to Beverly Hughes, and she came to my rescue. Beverly took me on a coaching journey, which was a new experience for me, and Beverly’s warm personality made the whole process completely enjoyable. I always felt listened to and understood. Her precise questions inspired me to reflect and revise old thought patterns. She guided me towards identifying my strengths and weaknesses, as well as my skills and accomplishments. She led me towards finding my goals, values, and purpose. While helping me to put all this together I woke up from my hibernation, found new motivation for growth, and took the first steps towards a new, exciting and fulfilling new chapter in my life. I can highly recommend Beverly to anybody who is willing to explore his/her own possibilities, who is looking for growth, and who is ready for an interesting and productive journey.”

– Karin Holzscheiter

“Beverly can help light the fire in your heart and belly. She is gifted, helping me move through my covid19 stall. She leads me to find what is true to my heart and navigate the mental blur of isolation and not being able to work. I now have new motivation and clarity. Couldn’t be doing this without her support.”

— Janis Diamond-Clarke

“What a lucky find. Beverly is a superior coach! My experience has been so fulfilling, and I plan on continuing working with Beverly as long as I can. She has a real sense of steering my muddled thoughts into a clarity that will help me drive my life and business further than I ever dreamed. I feel like I am getting the coaching at a speed that is right for me, and with organization, resources, and support. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to take action and live an authentic joyful life.”

— Kelleen Theis

“Beverly has such a welcoming and open way about her. Her coaching style is encouraging and energetic and she has a way of infusing both into coaching sessions that is coaxing and comfortable. She has a variety of skills that make her a great business AND personal coach, with years of corporate business behind her and a deep desire to encourage others towards fulfillment. I appreciate Beverly’s ability to bring an organized approach to her coaching in such a way that by the end of the session, clients walk away with a concrete plan for moving forward.”

— Hanna DeMaster

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