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  • Support in realizing your visions, dreams and achieving your goals
  • Engagement at a deep level to identify your highest purpose, explore your power and creativity, and rediscover your passions
  • Help dealing with change or major life transitions
  • Develop self-awareness and improve confidence
  • Work on a regular basis to process ongoing issues in your life, in order to keep things rolling smoothly
  • Achieve goals of any kind – from navigating difficult career issues, to professional and small business development
  • Improve skills and performance in areas including leadership, time management and organization
  • Improve work relationships; help with challenging workplace dynamics
  • Support in shifting perspective to more easily-enable solutions and achieve results
  • Help coping when appropriate with circumstances beyond your control

My coaching technique is based on inquiry and discovery, and can be applied to any area of life to help you shift or broaden your perspective, and achieve desired change, growth and action, resulting in a better sense of yourself.

We will look at what you want to realize or achieve. We explore the opportunities and obstacles, and then devise a plan for you.

Part of my coaching is about holding a safe and trusted listening space – but it is not therapy. Therapy includes looking at the past, while coaching is about starting where you are and looking forward, to where you want to go. Learn more about Coaching versus Therapy here.

We will always work collaboratively, to meet your individualized needs. That involves intention and commitment on your part – and genuine caring as well as professional skills and encouragement on my part. We are both invested in you.

Reasonable Rates (including Student and Sliding Scale); Packages also available.
Pay by: Square, Venmo or PayPal; Major Credit Cards; or cash for local residents.

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