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Imagine a person who comes to a coach with very specific goals in their business, and they also have a need to be less anxious, and generate more social contacts in their personal life. These things are happening to the same person at the same time. The same coach should be able to help them.

Many things are highly specialized now; and while there are times you would call on a specialist – to refinish your expensive wood floors, or operate on your heart for example, it is reasonable and effective to have an experienced, but more general provider for most things you encounter in your daily life. You look for someone reputable who is accomplished, knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of things (think General Contractor, or General Practioner/PCP).

I began my career with a creative background in the arts, then pivoted to business and had a long history in the corporate information technology industry. Alongside both was a lifetime active committment to personal development. My strength is in having lots of relevant experience in a few critical areas, and leveraging my unique background to help people live more balanced, holistic and effective lives, through business and personal empowerment coaching. Your work with me may be focused on one of those areas, depending on the primary objective you come in with, but I am fully capable of helping you in a personalized way with both aspects of your life as you feel is needed.


Business Empowerment and Leadership Coaching is designed to address the range of needs that exist for Individual Contributors up through C-Level executives and Small Business Owners. Principles are foundationally similar, but with different perspectives and implementations based on where you are in the organization. For more details, explore how Coaching can improve your individual or team performance, on the Business Empowerment and Leadership / Organizational Coaching section of the website.


Personal Empowerment Coaching offers individuals a path to growth and resolution on any issue that you’re struggling with. It’s a collaborative and personalized process. Professional coaches are trained extensively in providing clients with tools and methods of solving problems and having breakthroughs. Learn more about how Personal Empowerment Coaching can benefit your work-life balance and help you achieve your objectives. Personal coaching also provides a safe and trusted listening space to process through issues.


We look at what you want to achieve and explore the opportunities and obstacles. We then implement a customized plan for you. We always work collaboratively, and that involves intention and commitment on your part – and genuine caring as well as professional skills and support on my part. We are both invested in you.

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