Welcome to Empowered Pathways Coaching

Beverly Hughes

Hello, my name is Beverly Hughes and I am a Personal and Business Empowerment Coach.  I came to this profession, as many do, seeking to help others find their way to live more passionate, fulfilling lives, and to reach the goals they set out to achieve, or the dreams they want to realize.  

All too often, people spend their lives doing things that drain them of their life force.  I was one of those people.   After several jobs/endeavors out of college, I took a job in a Fortune 500 company for a larger paycheck.   The next thing I knew, I was in so deep that I felt I couldn’t leave, as by then, I was vested, advancing on a career path, making a good income and able to live in a small, beautiful town that otherwise didn’t have many viable employment opportunities.

I won’t say that I didn’t have good experiences or didn’t meet lots of great people along the way – because I did;  but for too much of my time there, I struggled to hang onto myself.  It was a high stress, hyper-competitive environment, and sometimes it felt soul-stealing. I learned so much, and I contributed to others, so I continued on that path for many reasons – but I also dreamed of a future where I could do something that better-matched my unique gifts of helping others in a creative, more individualized way.

I eventually left that business, and took a sabbatical – traveling, volunteering, and seriously contemplating how I wanted to show up in this world for the next chapter.  I am now able to look back on those years I spent in corporate America with much gratitude.   But the experience and skills that I had built, while useful to leverage and share, were not ones that I wanted to continue in quite the same way.   What did resonate strongly for me was to continue being of service, as I always loved that in each of the jobs that I had done.   But this time I wanted to be involved directly with others in doing something to support their personal empowerment, and help them reach their goals of living more passionate, authentic and effective lives.

In the realm of business, because of my background in finance, sales, and management, my opportunities now are to help people who want to improve their business results, and achieve a better life balance.  I also want to help people in corporate environments who choose that path for particular reasons, be able to hang onto their own sense of well-being and make their lives work better, while being more successful.    I have a deep understanding of how that feels, and what it takes to do it.    I want to support people in these journeys, and coaching is a wonderful way to do that.

We are all walking this larger path together at the same time in history.  We each have unique gifts to bring to the world.  For me, it’s all about the connections, creative process, exploring possibilities, and seeing things come together for people to be the best that they can, to live happier lives.

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